Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ferry Ride

I don't have the stamina that R does to put everything in one long post, so I've decided a periodic peppering of topics of interest to me is more appropriate. First off, since it's fresh in my mind, the ferry ride back this morning. The only ferry from Malta to Catania leaves once a week, at 5am on Saturday morning. I got up at 3:40am to be able to make this. About 10 minutes after embarking there is an anounecment over the intercom warning that the seas are a little rough ahead and to please stay seated. What followed was a kind of Dantean inferno of nausea, exhaustion, the sound of scores of people retching all around us, stumbling into the bathroom and retching into a sink because the toilets were full, then getting a toilet and locking myself in for 30 minutes while I purged my system, over and over again. All to the soundtrack of a series of horrible American movies I'd never even heard of and now couldn't escape, piped even into the bathroom in case you miss something. The only thing that really helped me through it was the knowledge that it would be over in a few hours. Today I've only left the house to acquire food and that's about it. As I type this, M is fixing some dinner for us and I'm starting to feel the sea swelling again, even though I'm on dry(ish) land.

Regarding dinner, on our way to the grocery store I noticed a fresh pasta shop right around the corner from our house that I hadn't noticed before. We're eating ravioli in brodo with ravioli bought from the fresh pasta place. Unfortunately the both is just a bouillon cube.