Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fashion Notes

I've been looking for Italian Vogue ever since we got here. No one has it. Maybe it's sold out. Or maybe they hide it so people don't steal it. I can't tell. I've had to make do with the Greek Vogue RG bought on the Malta ferry.

The Italian ladies are petite. I'm maybe 5'6 or so, and most of them are a couple of inches shorter, and at least 3 dress sizes smaller than me. Until they hit 60 or so, when they transform into sacks of potatoes wearing Sensible Shoes.

They bring a unique & sophisticated panache to the stonewashed jean. If you & me tried this, we'd look like Jersey mall rats.

They all have kickass knee-high black boots. There are many variations: stilettos, platforms, crepe-soled, wedges, buckled, laced, suede, ballistic nylon, leather. I covet them all. So far the lousy exchange rate and common sense have prevented me from buying any. I'd blend right in on Catania's sooty, graffitti-filled streets, but I'm not sure how they'd look on Franklin street.

The boys are very interested in fashion as well. There as many boutiques for men as there are for women. And they use a lot of hair product, to good effect.

Everyone needs to be more diligent with the sunscreen. There are some seriously leathery hides on the folks of a certain age.

While C & I walked around in short sleeves & sandals in the creepy humidity, everyone else wore puffers & scarves. It is winter, after all.

C has made the only fashion purchase so far: two pairs of striped socks. She likes them a lot. They can be worn with black *or* brown outfits. So versatile!

C & I got these bracelets instead of fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant. Aren't they fabulous!!!