Saturday, November 10, 2007

The final videos

We spent the day in Taormina. It was beautiful, but we didn't actually get to see the Teatro Greco. We didn't actually get to the castello, either. Nonetheless, it was a great day, which was once again best captured through photos.

And here are some videos that are quite nice, too... though unrelated to Taormina in any way:

Rossi sings about poop:

And at At Al Gabbiano, in Catania, we had a final farewell dinner of fish. It was a an *amazing* experience, which included a serenade from a Sicilian folklorico band:

A million thank-yous to Rossi, who was a perfect host, an infallible translator, and an all-around great guy to be around for a week.

And now he & Mary are laughing at me because I'm drinking some grappa and am not looking pained in doing so. In fact, I quite like it. A lot.

Hoo-eee.... less than 5 hours until the cab comes. We're a little blitzed and full of fish and tired... and there are still many more experimental liquors to sample.

I'm going to miss Sicily a lot.