Friday, September 28, 2007

Travel day

Brian picks me up to go to the airport. I teach him to jowl. His iPhone has a slow CCD so it is mostly motion blur, which is an interesting effect in and of itself.

African American woman at RDU is checking my passport, looks at the passport photo, looks at me, grins really big, says "You got the hair thing! I can feel it!" Thank you.

On the ground at RDU, on the plane, woman gets my attention, semi-paniced, "Is that normal?" There is some fog coming from the AC vents on the ground. I assure her it's just condensation from the AC. She seems semi-convinced. Some passengers use the word "smoke." I run my hands through it--it's cool and odorless--look, it's just water vapor. Finally they get the steward's attention and he tells them the same thing.

Airplane is broke. Left engine is making a strange noise. They make us deboard and wait for a new plane. No real complaints. No one wants to fly a broken plane.

On the ground in plane number two--an hour on the tarmac due to an air traffic jam in the NYC area. Have to wait for clearance to leave. Four hours after leaving my house, I've traveled about 15 miles.

Need all of the four hours of connection I've allowed for myself at JFK. Nothing unusual, just 2 hours worth of ground delays at RDU plus the usual clusterfuck of having to change terminals at JFK. Going back through security the second time they confiscate the water I'd bought inside the secure area at RDU.

Immigration official in Manchester: "Has anyone ever told you, you like Jean Claude Van Damme?" Actually, I never get that. "Well you look like him in your photo." Ok, if you say so.


Jet lag. A bit of wandering while my sister goes to the doc. Cute little town. Muffin (chocolate) and cappuccino. They are roasting pig in the square. We get some for lunch in a roll, with dressing and apple sauce. Not as good as NC BBQ sandwich.